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A Smile Makeover – Easier Than You Think!

There’s something thrilling and satisfying about turning an old building or plain room into a bright and modern living space.

Some people love to do makeovers on their bodies. Whether it’s a radical weight change over a matter of months or a new hairstyle overnight, makeovers are fun!

How about a makeover for your teeth? That may not seem worth the effort since teeth are so small and you can hide them behind your lips. But a smile makeover is probably the best makeover you could choose for personal improvement.

As Much or As Little As You Want

Cosmetic dental treatment doesn’t have to be over-the-top in looks or cost. You can choose to have as much changed as you’re comfortable with. The beauty of cosmetic dentistry is that you get to pick what you want your smile to look like.

Here are a few examples:

For an instant result: dental veneers and/or professional teeth whitening are both “wow” procedures that are usually completed in a single visit (after consultation).

To keep it conservative: straighten a couple teeth with clear, removable aligners or have your enamel gently polished and reshaped. Your teeth themselves aren’t affected with these treatments.

If economy is a concern: start out with at-home whitening treatments and a little dental bonding and go from there.

To go all the way with a smile revolution: consider gum reshaping, crowns, and full braces in addition to simple whitening.

There’s a little something for everyone. So have fun designing your new smile! It’s easier than you think to plan a smile makeover. Contact your dentist to get started.

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