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Are Smile Makeovers Expensive?

Have you ever had the desire to improve your smile?  Maybe you have, but you were concerned about how much it would cost.  Rest assured, you can get a brand new smile and still stay within your budget.      

What are my options for a smile makeover?  Some examples of dental procedures that can enhance your smile are:

  • Tooth colored fillings and dental bonding- White fillings placed in the teeth and extra tooth colored material added to a tooth (bonding) can enhance your smile by shaping your teeth to look more even
  • Teeth Whitening- This process of whitening the teeth can be done in a dental office or at home.  Treatments in the dental office tend to be stronger and more effective whereas at home treatments tend to be less expensive but not as strong.
  • Porcelain Veneers- This tooth colored material covers the front of the teeth to make the teeth look consistent in shape and color.
  • Reshaping of Enamel- If some of your front teeth don’t look even as you smile, your dentist can smooth and reshape some teeth to make them all look even.
  • Dental Crowns – Crowns cover all surfaces of the tooth, making the shape, color and overall appearance of the tooth look nicer.  Crowns are also strong and durable.

You can choose one, or a combination of several of these cosmetic options to create a smile makeover experience that fits just about any budget!

Since smile makeovers are considered a cosmetic procedure, insurance will typically not cover them.  Many dental offices will offer a payment plan, which will allow you to pay smaller, affordable payments over time to get a bright new smile without going bankrupt!  Call your dentist for a smile makeover consultation today!   

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