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Benefits of Gingival Recontouring

Gingival recontouring is the cosmetic reshaping of the margin of your gum tissues. Depending on the type of methods offered by your dentist, this can be done using minimally-invasive methods like a soft tissue laser, or in a surgical setting. Both offer beautiful, healthy results that can greatly impact your smile.

So, why consider gingival recontouring?

To compliment other treatments.

If you’re having a treatment completed like a full coverage crown or veneer, recontouring can help the results of your treatment. For instance, if the margin of the restoration needs to extend further toward the gumlines in order to look uniform against other teeth, the gum tissue might need to be slightly adjusted. 

For the health of your smile.

Keeping your teeth clean can be problematic if there is an excess of infected gum tissues or if the tooth is covered too much by the gums. It can even cause chronic inflammation around restorations if the gum tissue covers the margin of the filling or crown. By proactively adjusting the edges of the gumlines it will be easier to keep your mouth healthy and improve your oral hygiene. 

For cosmetic purposes.

Having bulky gum tissues or a “gummy” smile can make your teeth look shorter than they really are. It can make you show more gum tissue than teeth when you actually smile. By recontouring the gums, you can help your teeth appear longer and fuller, benefitting the way you look. Some types of medication can even cause an overgrowth of gum tissue, which interferes with aesthetic concerns.

The results are instant, with little to minimal recovery time needed. If you’ve been concerned with the way your gums look, ask your dentist about the option of gum recontouring.

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