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Can a Smile Makeover Be Affordable?

The very mention of the words “smile makeover” may have you already throwing the idea out the window. In our society, it is easy to associate the word “makeover” with something purely cosmetic, drastic, and basically unnecessary. People do fashion makeovers and even home makeovers for a change. What about your smile? What importance do you place on that? And is a smile makeover really out of your reach?

Differing Levels

A makeover for one person may be totally different from what is needed to makeover the smile of another. For some, a makeover could mean replacing lost teeth with implants and changing the shape of their front teeth with veneers and crowns. For others, a makeover could simply be a whitening procedure or some minor bonding. For you, a makeover doesn’t have to mean taking out a loan from the bank!

Covering the Cost

“But what if I need something as major as implants?”

It’s true that some dental insurances will not cover your entire implant procedure, but don’t stop there. Some medical insurances may actually provide some implant coverage, depending upon your situation. Implants play a vital role, not just in making your smile more beautiful, but in reestablishing function in your mouth that is essential to your health. The investment in dental implants may actually save you money in the long run compared to other types of dental treatment!

Making Up The Cost

A smile makeover could simply be a way you treat yourself, or it could be the killing move in a game of chess, so to speak. Freshening your smile, to any degree, compliments your appearance. This confidence can see you through many successes in life. You never know what positive results you’ll see from having an improved smile! Talk to your dentist about the first step you can take towards a brand-new smile.

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