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Choosing the Perfect Color for Your Veneers

Deciding to get dental veneers is an exciting step in transforming your smile. Your smile will be straighter, fuller, and shaped just how you want it. Not only that, but you’ll have permanently bright pearly-whites that are just the color that you’ve always wanted, giving you a Hollywood smile in just minutes.

Part of your dental veneer treatment process is choosing the size and shape of your veneers, as well as the color of the material. How white do you want to go? Do you want a smile that is as bright as you can get, or one that blends in with your surrounding natural teeth? Depending on how many veneers you are having completed, this may be an easy choice. If you’re making over your entire smile though, you’ll have a lot of options.

Your dentist has a color guide with several tooth colors and hues. Natural teeth have various undertones even if the enamel is very white. You will want to select a tone that compliments your facial features but also helps your smile stand out. Your dentist can help you do this and in most cases the color guide will have acrylic teeth that can be placed next to your smile and lips for you to get a better idea of the impact.

Use natural lighting if at all possible, sitting near a large window or stepping outside to look in the mirror. The way your teeth look in artificial lighting is not always the way they will look in natural light! Take this into consideration when you’re deciding between 2 or 3 different shades. Remember, your dentist has helped color-match thousands of teeth – he or she will help you make the right choice!

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