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Cosmetic Dentistry Is Popular

The official definition of cosmetic dentistry is “dentistry aimed at creating a positive change to your teeth and to your smile.” Cosmetic dentistry is a huge umbrella that encompasses many dental procedures to enhance the smile and bring confidence to a person’s face. While some general dental practices offer some forms of cosmetic dental treatments, a skilled and experienced cosmetic dentist can do more to help improve your appearance and your smile, and thus your self confidence.

Cosmetic dentistry is more popular than ever. Cosmetic dentists offer a wide array of techniques for improving the look of their patients’ smiles. For many people, how they feel about their smile affects how they feel about themselves. Those who are embarrassed by the appearance of their teeth, often have less confidence in life. Less confidence often means less social and professional advancements, therefore many people are choosing to have cosmetic dental work so that they can put their best face forward.

Teeth whitening remains the most popular cosmetic dental procedure. Using a chemical process, a dentist can bleach the teeth for them to be their whitest. Bonding is a process that improves the look of teeth that have excess space between them. Dental veneers are custom shells that are created to cover the front sides of the teeth to completely change their appearance. Veneers can be used to hide spaces between the teeth, chipped teeth, stained teeth, poorly shaped teeth, or slightly crooked teeth.

While many cosmetic dental procedures do not correct the teeth, these procedures do enhance the appearance of the teeth. For many people, that is all they need in order to put their beaming smile out there. Call your cosmetic dental professional today to see how you, too, can get a smile worthy of showing off.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Scott Merritt, BridgeMill Dentistry



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