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Should You Get a Dental Grill?

Celebrities perpetuate the almost ageless fashion trend of wearing dental grills. A grill is a type of cosmetic dental appliance that can be thought of as “dental jewelry.” Typically made from gold or silver and encrusted with precious stones, grills allow for a wide variety of personal expression.

Whether you want to show off your wealth, make a statement, or add extra sparkle to your smile, you might now be thinking about getting a grill. Before you do, here’s what you should think about.

Grills Need Cleaning, Too!

Most dental grills are removable so you need to clean and care for it just as much for a denture or mouth guard. Any foreign object that you wear in your mouth for hours at a time is subject to food debris, bacteria, and other slimy stuff.

Ideally, you should take your grill out at mealtimes. But that may not always be preferable in certain social situations. Just make sure that you are cleaning it daily with materials that are non-toxic.

There Is A Time Limit

Don’t wear your grill 24/7. The hard materials can chafe against tooth enamel and wear it away. Having all that extra metal in your mouth also increases the risk of injury if you suffer trauma while wearing a grill.

Whenever possible, limit wearing your grill to special social occasions where you want to show it off.

Know What’s In Your Grill

Depending on where you get your grill made (and at what price), some non-precious metals may be used. There’s the possibility of irritation, or worse, allergic reaction if you have a grill made from sub-par materials.

Ask your dentist whether a grill is a safe ornament for your smile. If you’re trying to hide something, we might have a better option to help!

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