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Gingival Recontouring

Uneven gumlines or bulky gum tissue can be the way your smile looks naturally, or caused by things such as medications. It can make your teeth look short, uneven, or even like you have more gum tissue than teeth. Thankfully, there’s a great way to change this! Gingival recontouring (aka gum recontouring) is a simple, straight-forward procedure that dramatically changes the way your smile looks, just by adjusting the edges of your gumlines.

Adjusting the edges of the gumlines can remove excess gum tissue and expose areas of the tooth that were previously covered. This gives a fuller, larger tooth appearance so that the smile appears more natural. It can also be performed on one or two teeth, just to even out the contours of the gumlines.

How is gum recontouring completed? Most dentists are now using lasers to complete the treatment in just a few minutes. Traditional methods involve a more surgical approach, but still have the same results with a longer healing period. Laser gingival recontouring is comfortable to have completed, requires only a short appointment, and requires no healing time. In fact, most patients don’t even ask to have local anesthesia during their treatment!

Gingival recontouring is often combined with other cosmetic or restorative treatments to create a fuller, natural looking smile. When combined with whitening, veneers, or bonding, it allows dentists to change their patients smiles dramatically in hardly no no time at all. If you’ve been bothered by bulky gum tissue, or just how short your teeth seem to look when you smile, then ask your dentist about gingival recontouring – an affordable, convenient, fast way to improve the way you look!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Joyce Ma, Prime Dental Care


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