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Gum Reshaping – Is It For You?

There might be something about your smile that you just can’t quite put a finger on.Tooth color? Not a concern. Tooth shape? Happy with it so far. Missing teeth? None so far! Have you ever thought about how your smile would be different if you could change the shape of your gums?

Yes, gum reshaping, or contouring, is a real thing! And it could be just the boost your smile needs.

What’s Wrong with Your Gums?

If you have complaint such as:

  • Teeth that look too big or small
  • Exposed roots
  • Excessively puffy gums
  • An uneven smile line

…then gum reshaping could change that. Gum contouring is largely a cosmetic procedure that improves the look of your smile.

How It’s Done

The actual gum surgery doesn’t usually take much time, at all. Your dentist will carefully plan in advance just how much gum tissue will be removed or adjusted. The procedure may be done with scalpels or lasers. This depends upon the practice and the nature of your treatment. Ask your dentist about what you can expect.

Gum Contouring and Your Smile Makeover

Talk with your dentist about how you can make gum reshaping a part of your next cosmetic dental treatment plan. Gum contouring is often paired with a procedure such as dental bonding or veneers to create a complete and dramatic new look.

Whether you suffer from genetic gum recession or excess gum tissue as a side effect of medication, it’s possible to correct the problem. Take the attention away from your gums and onto your balanced and radiant smile. Ask your dentist today about gum reshaping!

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