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How to Limit Coffee or Tea Stain on Your Teeth

If you love your caffeine, chances are you also battle tooth stain. Tea and coffee drinkers typically battle mild to severe stain buildup on their teeth, but giving up their favorite drink isn’t an option! Instead, here are a few easy tricks to help you limit the amount of stain buildup on our teeth.

Rinse with Water

Although rinsing with water won’t remove all of the stain particles from your teeth, it will help wash some of them away. Drinking all of your tea or coffee at once and then thoroughly rinsing your mouth with water will reduce the time that the dark liquids spend coating your teeth, even after you’ve finished your drink. 

Drink Through a Straw

It might sound silly to drink coffee through a straw, but if you’ve spent time getting your teeth whiter, you want those results to last. By drinking through a straw, you limit the amount of contact time that stain particles have with your front teeth. 

Touch Up Your Whitening

Wearing your whitening tray routinely will help dissolve any new stain buildup and help repel new stains from developing. Most people touch up their whitening every 6 months for about a week, but heavy coffee drinkers may need to touch up as frequently as every 3 months or so.

Just because you love coffee and tea doesn’t mean your smile has to suffer for it. See your hygienist for a preventive cleaning, which includes stain removal by polishing. Regular maintenance is an important part of keeping your smile cleaner, healthier and whiter all year long.

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