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Is Snap On Smile Right For Me?

Few people are graced with naturally beautiful teeth. If a glance in the mirror doesn’t reveal the smile you’ve always dreamed of, then you’re in luck. One of the convenient advancements in cosmetic dentistry is the easy, affordable, Snap On Smile.

What Is Snap On Smile?

Enjoy a natural looking, picture perfect smile for a lower price than many other cosmetic dental options. Snap On Smile is a custom-crafted, removable smile, that’s made to snap over your natural teeth.

An Affordable Smile Makeover

This affordable appliance is made of dental resin. It offers a beautiful smile for people of all ages, typically within two visits to your dentist. No drilling or tooth shaping is required. Just a quick dental impression and you’re on your way to a new smile. Snap On Smile is perfect for patients who:

  • Long for a beautiful smile, without enduring invasive cosmetic procedures
  • Have smiles with misaligned or missing teeth
  • Possess gaps, cracked teeth or stains
  • Are concerned about the expensive alternative of a traditional smile makeover

A Few Considerations

As you look forward to your beautiful new Snap On Smile, there are a few things you might want to consider:

  •  Your speech may be temporarily affected for a week or two, while you adjust to your new appliance.
  • Feel free to eat and drink normally while wearing your new smile.  Just remember that, like your natural teeth, your new smile needs to be properly cleaned.
  • While upper and lower Snap On Smiles are available, most choose just the upper appliance. The choice is up to you and you’ll pick out your customized smile and appropriate color.

If you’re considering a smile makeover with Snap On Smile, call your dentist today for a consultation!

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