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Rebuild Your Smile, Step by Step

Your smile needs a lot of attention, but you feel overwhelmed every time you see a dentist about restoring your teeth. Perhaps the treatment plan is very long, too expensive, or there are just too many options to choose from. It shouldn’t have to be like that. In reality, your full mouth reconstruction treatment should be a step-by-step process that is tailored to your personal goals and needs.

Starting Simple

Most of the time your treatment will address the largest concerns that affect the rest of your teeth. Examples include treating gum disease or removing severely diseased teeth before infection can spread to other areas of your mouth. Otherwise you can treat your teeth with restorations but still lose them due to secondary infection. 

What Long-Term Goals do You Have?

Are you trying to replace multiple teeth at once, keep your treatment within a certain budget, or achieve a certain level of aesthetics? Your long and short-term goals will impact the treatment plan that your dentist recommends. For instance, some people might want to have a partial removable denture made, while others opt for dental implants.

Full mouth reconstruction is a personalized approach to restoring your smile just one phase at a time. It is built on a foundation of healthy tissues, a healthy bite, and then aesthetics. Choosing a dentist that you can trust will help you feel less pressure when it comes to the rehabilitation process. All of your concerns and goals will be met, just one phase at a time. Why risk losing your teeth when you can save your smile? Talk to a dentist about your personalized full mouth reconstruction plan. You might be able to start even sooner than you thought!

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