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Restorative Treatments that Enhance Your Smile

Treating tooth decay doesn’t just have to be about making your teeth healthier. It can also be about making them look better. We’ve come a long way since silver fillings and metal crowns were the standard in oral care. With so many cosmetically friendly restorative materials now available, you can improve your smile at the same time.

Porcelain Crowns

Durable porcelain crowns strengthen badly damaged teeth by covering them entirely. The porcelain can be color matched to your other teeth, allowing the crown to go unnoticed. Placing several crowns on the teeth at one time gives you the opportunity to choose new tooth shapes or sizes in a way that looks natural. 

Composite Fillings

Tooth colored fillings take up less space than their silver counterparts. That means less “drilling and filling” for your teeth and more preservation. Since composite materials come in multiple shades, your dentist will use one that matches your tooth enamel and blends right in. When you smile or talk, no one will even be able to notice! 


Like composite fillings, bonding restores your tooth and rebuilds it so that it looks whole again. Although bonding is often used for cosmetic purposes such as tooth shaping, it is also an important restorative option. Bonding is useful for covering exposed root surfaces or even repairing cavities and chips in the front teeth.

Using restorative options that are also cosmetic doesn’t mean that your insurance won’t pay for them. In fact, your insurance plan is much happier to pay for cosmetic treatments such as these when they are used for restorative purposes. Ask your dentist for a detailed treatment plan to find out more!

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