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“Sleep” Through Your Smile Makeover

Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to just wake up one day with the smile of your dreams?

That’s actually possible, nowadays. In fact, you could literally dream your way to a dream smile. Dental sedation is the ticket to making it happen.

The Connection Between Cosmetic Dentistry and Sedation

How does anesthesia factor into a cosmetic dental procedure?

Moderate sedation is helpful for patients with a strong fear of having treatment. You might not necessarily be afraid of the dentist. If you need to have a lot of work done, it could be helpful to get it all completed at one time.

You can probably think of more enjoyable things to do than just sitting in a dental chair for hours. Instead, you can just sleep through the appointment.

Is It Safe?

Yes! Getting dental sedation isn’t just for people who are nervous about treatment. It’s a great way to help anyone relax. But first, you’ll consult carefully with your doctor and dentist beforehand to make sure you’re good to go.

Oral sedation is the most common technique. Taking the medication will make you sleepy and forgetful, but you will still be conscious. You’ll just be very relaxed and won’t remember much afterwards.

The benefits include:

  • Only having to miss one day of work for the procedure
  • Not needing to postpone treatment due to lack of time
  • Leaving nothing half finished
  • Very little memory of time spent in the dental office
  • A gorgeous new smile

To find out whether you’re ready for the ultimate smile transformation, schedule a consultation with your dentist. Don’t forget to ask about the possibility of ‘sleeping’ through the makeover process!

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