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The Differences Between Veneers and Bonding

You could say that cosmetic dentistry has a lot of room for artistic freedom. If you want to make aesthetic changes to your smile, you have a variety of options to work with. A couple of these include dental bonding and veneers.

It’s true that these procedures both correct cosmetic problems in front teeth. But these procedures are not one and the same!

The Difference in Purpose

Dental bonding is when your dentist shapes a tooth-colored putty to your tooth. This helps even out a chipped area. Veneers achieve the same goal of making a tooth look more even, but in a cosmetic way. A veneer is a thin shell that is cemented over the entire front of your tooth. Your tooth may have to be trimmed down for this.

Bonding is a quick-fix for the damaged corner of a tooth. If you’re unhappy with the color or texture of your entire tooth, however, then a veneer will correct a larger area by covering it up.

The Time and Expense Difference

When you compare veneers and bonding, bonding is:

  • Cheaper
  • Faster
  • And easier

..than having veneers placed. Veneers require a couple of appointments for impressions and fittings. It takes more time to have veneers placed, but they will likely last longer than bonding will.

Which is Right for You?

Whether you choose veneers or bonding depends mainly on what your tooth needs. A severely damaged tooth will probably need a crown. You might be able to go with either bonding or veneers, leaving the decision up to your budget and preference. If you want to improve your smile, visit your local dentist to learn about the options that are right for you.

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