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The Straightest Teeth Possible – Without Braces

Is it possible to have straighter looking teeth without having to wear braces? It may sound too good to be true, but when it comes to high quality cosmetic dentistry – it isn’t! Your cosmetic dentist can help you have a smile that looks straighter and whiter in just a few visits.

How? Cosmetic dentistry is an art. It uses restorative and cosmetic dental procedures to correct the appearance of teeth when there is a discrepancy or need for improvement. These procedures vary from tooth to tooth, but the overall result gives you that Hollywood Smile that you’ve always dreamed about – Especially when it comes to straighter teeth without braces.

Dental veneers are an excellent way to improve everything about your smile. From the color and shape of your tooth to the spacing patterns – veneers are like an instant makeover for your teeth – even if they are crooked. When teeth are crowded or crooked, what hides behind the veneer doesn’t matter. What matters is the way the veneer makes your tooth look from someone else’s perspective. Placing several veneers side-by-side over individual teeth creates the illusion that you have a brand new set of teeth, giving you an entirely new, straight, perfect smile.

Choose what you want your smile to look like when you choose veneers. Your dentist can show you what options are available to give you a straight smile that also looks healthy and natural. After your consultation and impression, only a couple of visits at most are needed to complete the makeover process. Ask your dentist for an estimate on dental veneers today!

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