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The Unique Experience of Smile Rehabilitation

Smile rehabilitation is a personalized care experience that helps patients enjoy a smile that is healthy, strong, and free of disease. In most cases it involves a complex treatment plan with stages of therapy that are spread out over weeks, months or even years. It all depends on what the end goal is of the patient and his or her dentist.

First, the mouth needs to be free of disease and infection. This usually starts with addressing gum infections like periodontal disease or broken root tips. A deep cleaning and extractions can help remove active sources of infection within the mouth, allowing gum tissues to heal.

Next, missing teeth are addressed. Which type of tooth replacement does the patient want? Permanent implants? A bridge? Denture? This customized step will depend on how many teeth are missing, the health of the patient and the treatment budget. Then smaller problems like cavities or tooth wear is addressed. Once a treatment plan is decided on, the phases of treatment will be outlined in a step-by-step process so the patient knows exactly what comes next.

Most oral treatments are performed in one quadrant or half of the mouth, preventing the need to anesthetize the entire mouth at one time. Some people opt to have sedation therapy in order to complete all of their work at once. This is just another aspect of the rehabilitation process that you will discuss with your dentist.

One of the most important things for smile rehabilitation patients to know is that there are always options. Your dentist will discuss which types of treatments are available and the pros and cons to each. You’re only an exam away from experiencing better oral health!

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