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What Are Cosmetic Crowns Made Of?

First of all, let’s review why a crown is needed, in the first place. A crown provides both structural and cosmetic benefits to a tooth which:

  • Has been weakened by extensive decay
  • Has suffered fracture or trauma
  • Is worn down from the effects of teeth-grinding and clenching
  • Is structurally-jeopardized by the presence of a large filling
  • Has been treated with root canal therapy

A dental crown will improve the appearance and function of a tooth that has lost most of its outer structure. Some crowns are made entirely of gold, some of a combination of metals, and others of metal with a porcelain covering.

What about the more esthetically-pleasing all-white crowns?

Benefits of White Cosmetic Crowns

The white crowns are usually made of porcelain, can last a long time, and are preferred by many patients for the following reasons:

  • Preserve the appearance of a natural tooth
  • Possess a quality of translucency which resembles that of natural teeth
  • The all-ceramic makeup is not as likely to irritate the gum tissue
  • No risk of allergic reaction to metal in crown
  • When gums recede over time, there won’t be an unsightly metal portion revealed when smiling

Some all-white crowns are made of zirconia, which is actually a biocompatible-crystal. These crowns are especially indicated for protecting teeth from the effects of bruxism, or tooth grinding, because of their high-strength quality.

With advances being made in the dental field on a daily basis, it’s smart to stay informed of the latest technologies offered. The best way you can do this is by visiting your dentist to ask which type of crown meets your needs.

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