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What are My Options?

You want to improve your smile, but you’re not really sure which type of cosmetic treatment is the best choice for you. In most cases a combination of treatments like whitening, bonding, recontouring, or veneers can be used. Treatments can take anywhere from one to two or three visits to complete, depending on the right choice for you.

Cosmetic dentistry begins with a healthy mouth and a functional smile. Most restorative options (such as fillings) are now designed to have a cosmetic approach to care so that the final restoration doesn’t just function well – it looks great at the same time. Your restorative needs can be combined with cosmetic approaches to completely change your smile and your life.

While some types of cosmetic treatments can be dramatic and require more of an investment, other types of cosmetic services are actually very affordable. When you schedule an appointment with your dentist for a smile makeover consultation, he or she will provide you with a written treatment plan that itemizes the expenses related to the options that are open to you.

Regardless of your oral health needs or your budget, most dentists are able to offer patients 2 or 3 different choices when it comes to enhancing the appearance of their smile. Most people wish they had asked their dentist sooner rather than putting it off. You’ll never know how easy or fast it can be to transform your smile until you ask what options your dentist has to offer!

A beautiful smile is something that everyone deserves. Don’t put your visit off any longer. Be sure to discuss your concerns with your dentist to find out how they can help you have a more confident smile.

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