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When Your Smile Has You Embarrassed

Do you keep back when friends are taking photographs? Maybe you refrain from laughing or smiling even though you really want to. If you’re embarrassed or self-conscious about the way your smile looks, then it’s time to talk to your dentist about it. Chances are you have a lot of really good options when it comes to changing all of that.

Every smile makeover is different and is based on your needs as well as your budget. What is perfect for one person isn’t always right for the next. For example, one person may opt to have a set of porcelain veneers placed across their entire smile while another person elects to have a snap on appliance made to cover their natural teeth. The choice is really up to you. In most cases, a combination of services are offered so that you can choose the one that is most appropriate. Your dentist will discuss the pros and cons to each treatment to help you make the best decision.

If cosmetic treatment also serves a restorative purpose, it may be partially covered by your dental insurance. If you don’t have insurance or are electing to have a strictly cosmetic service performed, you may want to consider financing it. Many cosmetic procedures are actually fairly affordable in nature. Recontouring and whitening are common examples. There’s a cosmetic option for every budget!

Don’t hide behind your smile again. Call your dentist to schedule a consultation to discuss what your smile options are. Be open about your goals and needs; your dentist is here to help. You’ll be glad that you did!

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