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Which is Right for Me: Veneers or Smile Straightening?

You want to change your smile, but you’re not quite sure what steps you need to take to help it look better. You’ve thought about cosmetic dentistry like bonding, whitening or veneers; and you’ve also considered straightening the natural teeth that you already have. How do you know which one is best?

A straighter smile is the foundation to a healthy smile. Too much crowding or misalignment can make teeth wear down, difficult to clean, or be susceptible to conditions like periodontal disease and tooth decay. Opting to have a straighter smile before you begin any type of cosmetic treatment can also minimize the amount of treatment that you do need, as well as help it last longer. Straighter teeth are typically stronger, healthier, and they also look good!

Dental veneers are great for enhancing the appearance of teeth that need help with aesthetics. Whether they are healthy or chipped, straight or slightly crooked, veneers give you teeth that look straighter, whiter, and fuller. They’re perfect for correcting visual discrepancies that don’t interfere with the health of the teeth. Depending on the placement of the tooth, veneers can be performed without any other type of treatment or after other types of therapies such as teeth straightening.

Your dentist can help you decide what phases of treatment are necessary to give you a smile that you really want. Healthier, straighter, whiter teeth are a realistic option that you can enjoy for years. Stop hiding behind your smile and ask your dentist how you can feel better about the way your teeth look and feel. Set up your consultation today!

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