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Why Choosing the Right Dental Materials is So Important

The quality and aesthetics of your restorative or cosmetic dental procedures is something that should never be taken lightly. It takes an artistic hand and the best materials to provide beautiful, long lasting results for your smile.

All restorations must be able to withstand the normal, everyday use of biting, chewing and grinding. If not, the restoration will simply wear down, be prone to fracturing, or produce less than adequate results. The type of material you and your dentist select will depend on where the tooth is that is being restored. For instance, gold is extremely durable against excessive forces, making it ideal for back teeth that are not visible when you smile. Tooth colored materials are more desirable in areas of your mouth that need to look natural.

To create a realistic looking tooth, the right type of composite or porcelain must also be selected. Different types of materials have different opacities, translucency and textures. The size or shape of the restoration, along with how many are needed, will help determine the right material for the job. Then the composite, porcelain or resin must also be matched to the color of the natural tooth. Teeth have different shades of white, along with various yellow or grey undertones. Finding the right combination is the most important part and your dentist will use a shade guide with natural lighting to help you select the most appropriate color.

The next time you need to have a filling, veneer or crown, talk to your dentist about the type of material it will be made out of and find out why he or she recommends one over the other for your needs.

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