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Your Smile Makeover Consultation

Deciding to have a brand new smile is one of the most exciting things that you’ll ever do. Your smile is something that you wear every day, everyone sees it, and it greatly impacts things like your confidence and the impression that you’re able to make on others. Your smile makeover consultation is an important part of this life changing process.

During your consultation, your dentist will examine each one of your teeth, your bite, and existing restorations. This will help determine which teeth need to have something done to them and what those procedures will be. Your exam will typically include dental x-rays, impressions of your teeth, and intra-oral photographs.

Your needs and concerns are the first step of your consultation. What do you want to change about your smile? Is there anything that you would like to stay the same? Are you in pain or do you have any urgent needs that should come first? Your dentist will discuss these concerns and goals with you.

Second, you’ll be presented with various options to choose from. In most cases your dentist will try to find all options available to you when it comes to helping you achieve your smile goals. For instance, you might decide to whiten your teeth and have a few teeth bonded, or have veneers made. The options vary greatly from person to person, so this important one-on-one consultation is extremely important.

Your insurance coverage and financing options will also be presented, so that you can have a good idea of what type of investment you will be making. After just one consultation you’ll have a better understanding of your options and the cost of care. Why wait another day? Schedule your consult today.

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