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Are All Porcelain Dental Crowns Equal?

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Do you need to repair a worn out, broken down tooth with a new crown? Tooth colored dental crowns can protect your tooth while also enhancing the way your smile looks. Porcelain dental crowns have been used for decades, but the materials are continuing to evolve. What makes one different from the next?

Porcelain Fused to Metal 

These porcelain crowns are fused to a metal base, which is bonded over your prepped tooth. They were first introduced in the 1950s as a way to aesthetically repair the teeth in the front of the mouth. Unfortunately, the metal base often leaves a slight “grey line” around the gumlines of the tooth.

Ceramic Crowns

Full ceramic crowns are made of materials that match your other teeth. This allows the restoration to blend in as best as possible. A variety of ceramic materials may be used, including porcelain, zirconia, and other types of ceramics. Each one offers alternative benefits, such as translucency, shading, and durability.

Same Day Resin Crowns

“Same Day” dental crowns are milled right in the dental office, from a block of custom matched resin material. They are very similar to full ceramic crowns that are made in a dental laboratory, but without the additional office visit that is needed.

Which type of crown is right for you? One of the biggest factors is where the tooth is located in your mouth. The visibility and chewing forces necessary will determine whether or not one is better for you than the other. Talk to your dentist to see which type of crown he or she suggests on your tooth and why.

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