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Can A Dental Crown Break?

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A dental crown is meant to be a solution, not a problem.

If your tooth is cracked or decayed too much for a filling to repair it, then a dental crown is probably your best option for saving your tooth.

When well taken care of, a crown can serve your needs for many many years. But is there any reason that the crown itself could fail?

Chips and Fractures

A full metal crown (gold) is not likely to chip or fracture. But crowns made with porcelain could be affected by excessive force. An uneven bite, a poor fit, or grinding and clenching habits all contribute to the fracture risk for crowns.

Why is it bad to have a fractured crown?

  • Bacteria can invade through a broken seal
  • Sharp edges can harm cheeks, lips, or tongue
  • The gap becomes a food trap
  • Uneven edges wear down opposing teeth

Damage from Decay

Metal and porcelain crowns alike are equally at risk of failure due to tooth decay. If your crown isn’t kept clean, bacteria can cause decay at the crown margin. This decay will quickly extend up under the crown, which compromises the tooth and loosens the crown.

What You Can Do

Don’t ignore a damaged or loosened crown! In many cases, you’ll need to replace it to keep your mouth safe and healthy.

If you need a crown, carefully discussing your options with your dentist will help you to make a choice that’s right for you. Placing the right crown at an earlier stage of tooth damage could improve its chances of success.

Talk with your local dentist about the dental crown option that’s best for you.

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