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CEREC Crowns

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Don’t have weeks to wait and appointments to keep in order to have your tooth crowned? Good news! CEREC is the latest in dental technology that can create a dental crown the same day that a patient comes in to visit the dentist. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or Ceramic REConstruction. No longer do dentists have to take a mold of a tooth and have that mold sent off to a lab for construction. With CEREC, dentists are able to efficiently construct, produce, and insert individual ceramic restorations in a single appointment. Using this time saving, computer aided process has made having a tooth crowned a much easier procedure for both doctors and patients.

Not all dentists offer same day crowns, but if you are in a time crunch to have a tooth restored (e.g. wedding, vacation, etc.) finding a dentist who offers this service may be highly beneficial to you. Dental crowns are used to restore a tooth that has become decayed, weakened, or broken. By using the advanced CEREC technology, dentists are able to restore the beauty and function of a tooth in a single office visit. A picture of the tooth will be taken and then converted to a 3-D virtual model. From this virtual model, dentists are able to create a custom crown that can immediately be placed in the mouth.

The CEREC crown technology is the most advanced in the dental practice today. People are saving time and money with this in-office procedure that used to take weeks. Call your dentist today to see if s/he offers CEREC crowns. If not, enquire to find out who offers this service in your area today.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Gilreath IV, Gilreath Dental Associates


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