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What to Do if You Crack a Dental Crown

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A dental crown is meant to protect an entire tooth. Your cap is a valuable investment and you want it to last for years.

It can be frustrating when a dental crown accidentally cracks!

Crowns usually fracture as a result of:

  • Biting hard foods
  • Falling or slipping
  • Getting hit in the face accidentally
  • Teeth grinding
  • Many years of use

Here’s what you can do if your dental crown breaks:

Clean Up

First of all, check for any loose pieces of crown or tooth. Remove the crown entirely if it’s very loose. You don’t want to accidentally swallow anything! Rinse your mouth with warm water. Put your crown in a zip-top bag in case it can be cemented back in place.

Call Your Dentist

If your crown is damaged with sharp edges that prevent you from safely biting, or your tooth is bleeding or in pain, you may need an emergency dental visit. If you aren’t able to see a dentist right that moment, you can at least get some advice by calling the dental office.

If your crown is only mildly damaged and doesn’t hurt, you may get in to see the dentist within a couple days.

Protect Your Tooth

Try to avoid chewing on the side of your mouth with the damaged crown. If there are sharp edges or sensitive spots, you can patch them up with some temporary dental cement from a local drugstore.

It’s also good to avoid very hot or cold foods that may bother your exposed tooth.

Your tooth will be more sensitive and susceptible to fracture if it’s crown is broken, so the important thing is to avoid further damage.

Visit your dentist on a regular basis to check the integrity of your crown before it has the chance to crack!

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