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Crowning vs. Pulling Your Child’s Tooth

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Let’s say that you bring your son or daughter to the dentist for a toothache. When looking at the tooth, you can see a noticeable hole or dark area on their tooth. Fortunately, the tooth is a baby tooth – so you know it will fall out eventually anyway. But you’re surprised to hear your child’s dentist recommend placing a crown on the tooth. Why would you want to invest in a restoration for this tooth instead of just pulling it?

Consequences of Pulling a Tooth too Early 

Pulling a tooth two or three years before it is supposed to fall out can have significant implications. The biggest one is spacing. Losing a tooth prematurely will result in a loss of adequate space for the permanent tooth to erupt properly. Adjacent teeth can also move into the place, blocking the permanent tooth from coming in.

How a Temporary Crown Can Help

Placing a temporary crown over the baby tooth will protect it and help it last longer. You may even get 2 or 3 years more out of the tooth before it falls out on its own. Placing a temporary crown on a baby tooth is more affordable than a permanent crown costs for adult teeth – but it serves the same purpose.

Preventing additional damage to the tooth will preserve your child’s smile and encourage natural eruption patterns. Investing in a crown is also a great way to avoid orthodontic complications a few years down the road!

The next time you hear your dentist recommend placing a crown over a baby tooth, you’ll understand why it is so important. Taking great care of your child’s first smile will help set them up for a lifetime of healthy teeth!

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