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Is a Cap the Same As a Root Canal?

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If you’ve never had more than a simple filling done, it’s easy to get dental terms mixed up! Root canals and “caps” (crowns) are two different procedures, but can sometimes be done together.

What A Dental Crown Does

Your tooth’s natural crown is the outer layer that’s visible above the gums. If this crown is damaged by fracture, wear, or a large cavity, then it needs to be replaced. The entire tooth is carefully trimmed so that the replacement crown, or cap, will fit.

Fitting your tooth with a crown protects it from more decay and fracture. It gives your tooth strength so that you can eat and smile with no difficulty.

Root Canal Therapy

The inside of your tooth and its roots contains nerves (pulp) and blood vessels. Your tooth is alive! If a cavity grows and reaches the pulp of your tooth, these delicate nerves will be compromised. Your tooth will be infected. That’s how an abscess starts.

A damaged or infected pulp needs to be removed or else you will be in a lot of pain. The infection can spread from your tooth and harm other parts of your mouth. In a special procedure, the inner part of your tooth is removed and replaced with a filling-like material. Also known as a “root canal.”

In most cases, a tooth will need to be protected by a crown after a root canal. But if the crown (cap) is all you need, then you don’t need to worry about a root canal. By getting a crown when it’s recommended, you can even spare yourself from needing a root canal down the road!

Ask your local dentist about which restorative options will benefit you the most.

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