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My Crown Fell Off! What Should I Do?

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You’re enjoying your supper when you get the feeling that something isn’t quite right in your mouth. In exploring the source, you discover your crown has fallen off. It’s not uncommon for a crown to be accidentally swallowed, but if you happen to find yours intact there are a few important facts that you want to keep in mind.

Call Your Dentist

If your crown falls off, give your dentist a call right away to find out what to do next.  In some cases, you may experience some tooth sensitivity and discomfort. Your dentist will want to see you quickly to replace your crown and reduce your risk of infection and compromised oral health. Or, he or she may have you store it in a zip top bag to bring into the office the next day.

It’s Not A DIY Project

A quick search of the internet will offer you many strange options to reattach your crown from the comfort of your own home. It’s tempting to try, but for the sake of your tooth and your oral health, please don’t! A crown can come loose for a variety of reasons, one of which is ongoing tooth decay that may have altered the shape of your tooth. This concern needs professional, preventative treatment by your dentist, instead of simply covering it back up.

Don’t reach for the super glue! Your tooth is porous and the glue you might consider, would quickly be absorbed or cause tissue burns. Even worse, the glue can cause damage to your tooth.

If you’ve lost your crown, call your dentist right away to find out what to do next.

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