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Porcelain Crowns Build Strong Smiles and Improve Aesthetics

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Dental crowns are an excellent way to save your tooth’s function while also enhancing its appearance. The durability and aesthetics of porcelain materials allow crowns to be used throughout the mouth for long-term restorative purposes that preserve the integrity and function of the tooth.

Metal Free Margins

Have you ever seen someone with a tooth-colored crown that had a grey line along the crown near the gums? This metal base can be a significant aesthetic concern. Full porcelain crowns are completely metal free, with no risk of a dark metal line around the edge of the restoration. 

A Tooth That Looks Natural

The color of the porcelain crown is carefully matched to resemble the color of the nearby teeth. With so many shades of porcelain available, custom color matching will prevent the crown from standing out from the rest of your teeth. 

Compliment Your Smile

If you’re unhappy with the way your smile looks, porcelain crowns can enhance its appearance. Combining your crown treatments with other types of cosmetic dental procedures can give you an overall smile change that impacts your entire mouth at once. Matching restorations like bonding, white fillings or veneers can be completed at the same time as your crown for the best results. Just remember, if you want to whiten your smile, do that first!

Do you need a crown? Teeth that have been treated with a root canal, have significant fractures or need large fillings replaced typically require a full coverage crown. Ask your dentist about whether or not a full porcelain crown is the right option for your smile.

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