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Porcelain Crowns Renew Smiles

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When you look in the mirror to smile, what do you see? Are you happy with how your smile looks, or do broken, discolored teeth keep you from wanting to smile at all? Thankfully, full porcelain crowns are a wonderful way to not only help your smile look better, but make it stronger as well. 

Porcelain crowns are perfect for teeth that are:

  • Broken, chipped, or worn down
  • Severely decayed
  • Discolored from trauma or large, old fillings
  • Treated with a root canal 

Every porcelain crown is carefully designed to look and feel like a real tooth. Starting with the size and shape of the tooth, the crown will cover the broken or decayed tooth so that it is whole once again. The color of the crown is also shaded to match the other teeth in the mouth, so that it blends right in when you smile. 

Crown treatments are a great way to renew self-confidence and also protect your smile. Crowns can be shaded any color, making them perfect for full mouth reconstruction or smile makeovers. 

In most cases, crowns typically take two visits to complete. At the first appointment the tooth is prepped and any damaged areas or existing restorations are removed. An impression is then taken and sent off to the laboratory where your custom crown is made. In about two weeks, the final crown is ready for delivery and will be permanently cemented into place. Once bonded in, the final crown will last for years! Some dental offices even offer services like same-day crowns, depending on the type of laboratory that is used in the process. 

Ask your dentist if crowns are right for you, and find out more on how you can strengthen and improve your smile in just a couple of visits!

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