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The Perfect Dental Crown

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It’s not uncommon for most of us to need a crown at some point or another. Crowns are protective restorations that cover damaged teeth so that they can go on functioning as normal. Unlike fillings, which patch or rebuild teeth, crowns cover the entire surface and replace the function of the natural tooth underneath.

The ideal dental crown will mirror the image of the tooth on the opposite side of the mouth. A professional will replicate the size, shape, and contour of the tooth in a lab. They will use an impression that your dentist takes of your entire mouth, so that the tooth is designed to complete your smile rather than just fill in a space.

Choosing a material for your crown is also important. Do you want a full porcelain crown, one fused to a metal base, or one made of precious metal? Depending on the location of the tooth being restored, some of these are more aesthetically pleasing or functional than others. Your dentist can help you decide. If you choose a porcelain crown, your dentist will use a shade selection guide and natural lighting to help you select the color of crown that best matches the rest of your other teeth.

Temporary crowns are often used on children with developing mouths, or for adults that are waiting for their permanent crown to be made. Unfortunately, temporary crowns do not provide an exact fit or the ability to withstand long-term wear. These crowns need to be replaced with the tooth is fully erupted or within just a few weeks of the crown-prep appointment.

Don’t put your crown treatment off. This will only provide your tooth with more time to become damaged or wear away. Treat it earlier on, when it needs protection the most.

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