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The Precision of CEREC Crowns

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There’s a new way to experience your crown procedure: CEREC. While traditional crowns require 2 or more visits to complete, a CEREC crown can be completed in just one appointment. That means you can save time and trips to the dental office while enjoying several other benefits as well.

CEREC uses digital imaging software to create precise fitting crowns that fit right the very first time. Its virtual scanning technology takes a visual “impression” of your tooth, eliminating the need for a regular dental impression. Then this image is transferred into the CEREC on-site lab machine that creates a customized crown based on virtual data. There is no room for human error and you can trust your CEREC crown with a perfect fit the very first time. You won’t have to worry about sending the crown back to an off site lab and waiting 2 weeks for a replacement. You’ll enjoy from having all of your dental care completed in the very same day!

All of these same-day crowns are made using high-grade resin materials that match your tooth’s natural color. They can be placed anywhere in the mouth, from back teeth that are used for chewing and grinding, to front teeth that show every time you smile. Your dentist can help you determine the exact shade and undertone that looks best on you.

If you’ve wanted to have your dental needs completed but were hesitant due to the time commitment, then same-day CEREC crowns are for people just like you. Sit back and relax while everything is finished in one appointment – enjoy the healthier smile that you know you deserve.

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