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Three Important Features of Your Porcelain Crown

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Deciding to repair your tooth with a crown is an important choice. So is choosing the right dentist to perform your treatment. A crown requires careful attention to detail, otherwise the finished restoration won’t function or perform the way it ought to. You want a dentist that will use skilled techniques and a high quality lab so that your restoration can enhance your smile for the next several years. Here are just a few important features that your permanent crown should have:

A Precise Margin

The way your crown margin fits against your gumlines is one of the most important steps in the crown design process. If the margin extends too far into the gums, it will cause the tissue to swell or even recede. If the margin is too low, it will appear unnatural. This is especially important when having a crown made for the front of your mouth. 

Careful Color Selection

Since your crown will last for several years, you need to have a restoration that blends in with the other teeth in your mouth. When choosing a color match, be sure to use natural lighting when at all possible. Your dentist may have you stand near a window or even walk outside during the matching process, so that the two of you can decide on the best color of porcelain to use. 

An Accurate Bite

After your porcelain crown has been bonded into place, your dentist will check how it bites against other teeth in the mouth. If the bite is inaccurate, it can cause soreness, toothaches, and interfere with how you chew your food. Should minor discrepancies exist, they can be adjusted immediately after the crown is placed.

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