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Three Reasons to Choose a Same Day Dental Crown

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We are often faced with having to choose between either quality or convenience. It seems one of those things must be sacrificed at the expense of the other. When it comes to your next dental crown, however, you won’t have to make that choice again! Consider these three reasons a same-day dental crown is your best option.

Less Stress

Visiting the dentist may cause you a good deal of stress. If you need a crown to restore and reinforce a tooth, the entire procedure could be done in one day if you choose a same-day crown. That’s it! Only one appointment of numbing and dental work is necessary. That should be a load off your mind!

State-of-the-Art Design

Same-day crowns are designed from a computer-analyzed scan of your prepared tooth. More computer technology is used to craft the finished crown from a piece of porcelain. The result is a durable, natural-looking, and precisely fitting crown delivered within a single appointment.

Save Yourself Some Time

By choosing a same-day dental crown, you can have everything completed in a single visit. Gone are the days of fussing with temporary crowns and waiting for the lab to return the finished product. It’s probably not easy for you to take time away from your job or other obligations to return for multiple dental appointments. Save yourself some time by choosing to have a strong and beautiful dental crown placed in a single day.

Experience the benefits of same-day dental crowns. Ask your dentist about the technology used to provide fast and quality crowns and how this could change your smile for the better.

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