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Three Signs You Need a Crown

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Something doesn’t feel quite right on one of your teeth. You’ve been putting off that trip to the dentist and now you’re worried that your tooth might need to have some type of treatment. It can seem a little overwhelming when you’re trying to get the appointment scheduled and keep from worrying about what is wrong. Here are 3 classic signs that your tooth may need to have a crown to keep it healthy:

You Feel a Noticeable Space or Hole

If you’re able to feel a noticeable hole inside of your tooth, then something needs to be checked. It could just be that a filling fell out, but if food is packing in it on a regular basis, the hole could be large enough that a filling is no longer appropriate. A crown will protect the tooth before further breakage occurs. 

The Tooth Has Been Heavily Restored in the Past

Extremely large fillings leave little natural enamel present inside of the tooth. As fillings begin to age, they also begin to leak. This compromises the remaining tooth structure. Once fillings are changed out, the area around the tooth needs to be re-prepped for a new restoration. If enough tooth is missing, a new filling may not be possible; instead, a crown will cover the entire tooth and keep it strong. 

There’s an Abscess

Yes, abscesses have to be treated with a root canal, but every root canal needs to be followed up by a full coverage crown. That’s because endodontically treated teeth are very fragile and can break easily, even due to normal wear and tear. Don’t put it off too long, or your tooth won’t be able to be treated at all!

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