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When A Crown is Better Than a Filling

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A dental filling replaces only a small portion of tooth, while a crown replaces the entire outer part of the tooth. Given the choice, you might prefer to go with the more conservative option of a filling.

But after considering the benefits of a crown, you’ll likely agree that it’s worth having to save your tooth!

What Your Tooth Needs

When recommending restorative treatment, a dentist carefully considers what your tooth is able to handle. Your tooth is not made up of a single material. It actually has complex layers surrounding a delicate and sensitive nerve chamber.

The more natural tooth structure is removed to hold a filling, the weaker your tooth becomes. A particularly large filling may have to be replaced time and again, and each time requiring more tooth structure to be removed. The larger the filling, the greater the chance that your tooth will be sensitive and the nerve chamber prone to damage.

Your dentist will assess the amount of decay or damage and determine from there how well your tooth can hold up with a filling.

Benefits of a Dental Crown

Having a crown placed is proactive. By choosing a crown, you will protect your compromised tooth from breaking down any further. This means:

  • Less chance of sensitivity
  • You can chew on it as normal without fear of fracture
  • More likely to last longer than a large regular filling
  • It can help you avoid the need for a root canal or extraction

A crown (tooth-colored) is also a great option for a tooth that shows when you smile because it will look like a complete natural tooth. Find out more about the benefits of dental crowns by visiting your local dentist.

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