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Which is Better: A White or Gold Crown?

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When you think of a dental crown, perhaps your mind goes to the idea of a shiny gold tooth. Gold crowns are still around, but white crowns have been gaining in popularity. If you need a dental crown, which kind should you go with?

Let’s first review what these crowns are made of and how they work.

Gold Crowns

A gold crown is, obviously, made of gold. Gold crowns tend to be the best in terms of strength for more pressure-intensive areas. This type of crown also doesn’t require too much tooth structure to be removed to retain it. Gold is readily accepted by the mouth and has been used in dentistry for centuries.

The only downside?

The very obvious fact that you have a crown! Gold is not a subtle choice. Unless you’re happy advertising all of your dental restorations, or the tooth is hidden further back in your mouth, you might want to stay away from gold crowns for aesthetic reasons.

Porcelain Crowns

White crowns are typically made from porcelain. These crowns do a great job of blending in with the rest of your smile. In fact, you might choose to have a few porcelain crowns placed on front teeth to make them look better in terms of color, size, or spacing.

White crowns usually require that more tooth structure is removed to placed them. They are also prone to fracturing in the event of:

  • Tooth grinding
  • Injury
  • Biting into a hard object

Choosing the Right Crown

At your next dental visit, ask your dentist about which types of dental restorations are available to you. Your dentist will help you figure out which kind is going to suit your smile’s needs the best!

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