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Why Does My Tooth Need a Crown?

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Do you need to get a dental crown on one of your teeth?  Are you wondering why you can’t just get a filling instead?

Here are some reasons why your dentist might choose a crown to restore your tooth:

  • Cracked tooth – A crown can hold a cracked tooth together for the long haul, so that it does not break apart prematurely.
  • Large cavity or a large filling with decay around it – In situations such as these, a crown would be the necessary treatment to allow the tooth to continue biting or chewing effectively.
  • To make your tooth look better – If your tooth is broken off from a large cavity or your enamel has worn down from grinding, a crown can restore your tooth while making your smile look great at the same time.
  • Preserve a tooth after root canal therapy – After your tooth has been treated with a root canal, much of the remaining tooth structure can be lost due to the brittle enamel. A crown can help restore your tooth to the way it was before.

A crown is the treatment of choice for teeth that are significantly damaged and unable to function normally.  Fillings are not an option in those cases because there is not enough tooth structure left to hold the small restoration into place. It might simply fall off.

If your dentist has told you that you need a crown to fix your tooth, then don’t put it off. A crown is a much better option than not restoring your tooth and having to get your tooth pulled later!  Call your dentist to discuss your crown restoration options.

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