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Will My Porcelain Crown Match the Rest of My Smile?

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Restoring your smile keeps your mouth healthy – but what about improving the way it looks? If you’re repairing a tooth, especially one in the front of your mouth, you want to have a restoration that blends in with everything else – not something that stands out as unnatural or draws unwanted attention. 

Custom Color Matching

Perhaps the most important aesthetic aspect of your new crown is the color. There aren’t just a few shades of porcelain to choose from, but rather several different ones with various undertones and color variations. This allows you and your dentist to compare several different samples against your natural tooth before the permanent crown is ever made. Together, you and your dentist will identify the one that blends the best – if you are stuck between two or three, try going to a different room or even outside. For best results we recommend going near a window for natural lighting purposes. 

Modern Dental Materials

Your new crown will look great and function just as well! As dental materials have been advanced through the past several years, newer porcelain blends have been developed that withstand everyday wear and tear more efficiently than older materials.

Minor Irregularities

If your new crown was perfectly smooth and polished, it wouldn’t match your other teeth. Most healthy teeth have minor variations such as texture changes that could impact the way the crown looks next to them. That’s why your dentist and lab technician will work carefully to recreate these minor variations in the new crown. The end result is a crown that looks as much like a natural tooth as physically possible.

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