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3 Steps to Preventing Tartar Buildup

Tartar is an unsightly, discolored buildup that collects on the teeth. It’s starts out as soft plaque that isn’t removed properly and calcifies into place. Once it’s there, it’s impossible to remove the yellow or brown deposits on your own. Only your dentist or hygienist can clean it off. To prevent buildup (or at least decrease the amount that you tend to get,) stick to these 3 tips:

Brush Along the Gumlines

The gumlines are the first area where tartar accumulates. Especially on the tongue side of the lower front teeth, and the outside of the upper back teeth. Make small strokes on one or two teeth at a time, as larger brush strokes cause the bristles to miss the curves of the teeth. For best results, angle the toothbrush at about 45-degrees toward the gum tissue.

Floss Tightly Around Each Tooth, Every Day

It’s important to physically remove buildup below your gumlines. Otherwise the tartar will accumulate on the roots of the teeth, causing the gums to detach. To clean these areas, wrap your floss tightly around your teeth in a “C” shape. Then slide the floss up and down below the gums several times. Repeat this action on both sides of every tooth – even your very back ones. 

Chew Gum with Xylitol

Xylitol is a sugar-substitute that prevents plaque from being able to build up on your teeth. The ingredient is available in many common gum brands, as well as in health food stores. Studies have shown that people who have 5 exposures to xylitol each day have significantly lower oral biofilm levels. Just don’t give up on brushing and flossing!

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