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4 Surprisingly Horrible Drinks for Kids’ Teeth

Is your son or daughter’s favorite beverage on this list?


It’s made from fruit, so it has to be healthy, right?

Fruit juice is often fortified with sugar. Even pure forms of juice are high in natural sugars and acids. Drinking juice is worse for your teeth than eating fresh fruit, because it bathes them in liquids that are harsh on enamel, sans the healthy fiber.

Energy Drinks

You’re just glad it’s an alcohol-free substitute for your teen. But these “cool” drinks that get kids pumped up for an all-nighter of homework contain just as many harmful ingredients as soda does. Studies also indicate that these beverages can trigger seizures and heart problems in kids.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks contain a lot of sugars; even more than soda in most cases. They’re only necessary in cases where there’s an actual risk of dehydration. Habitually guzzling these bright liquids at every sports practice will quickly lead to tooth decay.

Milk (in a Bottle) 

Putting an infant or toddler to bed with a bottle of milk may help them sleep. But it also unnecessarily allows milk sugars to pool in their mouth overnight. This habit is the number one cause of severe toddler and childhood tooth decay.

What’s the best drink for healthy kids’ smiles? Plain and inexpensive tap water! Water helps maintain a healthy saliva flow to keep teeth strong and cleanse the mouth of bacteria. Pure water won’t wear down enamel and it’s the best thing for kids’ bodies, too.

Allow fun and tasty drinks on occasion. But make sure your kids have access to water as their main hydration source throughout the day. Remember to schedule dental checkups and cleanings for your children to stay on top of their cavity risk.

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