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Back to School Smile Check-Ups

Dental treatments are the number one cause of missed school days in the US. Getting your child’s smile “check up” before school starts is a great way to prevent missed days as well as reduce your investment in overall oral care expenses.

Schedule Preventive Care Appointments Every 6 Months

Routine dental cleanings are perfect for removing heavy biofilm, getting your child the oral hygiene instruction that they need, dietary counseling, and identifying areas of concern at their earliest stages. The earlier a suspicious area is found, the easier (and less invasive) it is for your dentist to treat it. Sealants are a wonderful way to block off decay from forming, and are covered at 100% by most dental insurance plans. 

Don’t Skip on the X-Rays

X-rays are necessary when it comes to identifying tooth decay in a common area of the mouth: between the teeth. Without them, your dentist can’t see the decay until it is so severe that it’s causing your child immense pain. The radiation used in digital dental X-rays is extremely low. In fact, your child will have less radiation from 2 or 4 X-rays than they will out in the sun for half an hour. 

Fluoride Does a World of Good

Weak areas of the tooth can be remineralized when fluoride is applied. That means the earliest stages of tooth decay can be completely reversed! Wouldn’t you want to prevent your child from getting a filling if you had the chance? There are now fluoride solutions that require very little varnish (think 1/8th of a teaspoon) that can absorb into the pores of the teeth for the rest of the day.

How long has it been since your child saw the dentist? Be sure to get that visit in before school starts…it’s just around the corner!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Marianna Weiner, Envy Smile Dental Spa

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