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3 Reasons to Think Twice About Having a Dental Implant

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A dental implant is the closest you’ll get to having a new tooth! Dental implants have a high rate of success and can totally change a person’s life for the better. However, a good dentist will take a moment to consider your personal circumstances. Placing an implant could be completely pointless, dangerous, even, if your body isn’t ready to accept it.

Here are a few factors you MUST consider before giving dental implant therapy a go.

A Smoking Habit

Smoking creates a very dry environment in the mouth. It reduces circulation in your bone and gums. A sufficient blood supply is essential for proper healing! If you do smoke, you’ll need to take a break from it during the first few days of critical healing. Poor healing means that your implant isn’t likely to take to it’s new home.

Uncontrolled Diabetes

Similar to the effects of smoking, uncontrolled diabetes results in impaired healing ability. Not only this, but your risk of chronic inflammation is high, and your body is a lot more susceptible to infection.

History of Radiation Therapy

Radiation to the head or neck, such as to treat cancer, can make the bone very weak. It’s crucial to discuss your treatment with your physician before having implant surgery. Depending on how much radiation you have had, a dental implant may not be a good idea.

If one or more of these conditions applies to you, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the line. Contact your dentist for a consultation. With careful planning and a little extra time, a dental implant could still be the solution your smile needs!

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