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Your 4 Alternatives to Getting a Dental Crown

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Dental crowns are great restorations, but they may be more than what you really need. Is there any way to avoid getting one?

Here are some options to consider depending on your dental health.

Do Nothing

You could decide to just not cap your tooth. The consequences, however, could be quite painful.

A crack in your tooth will worsen with time and a large cavity will only continue to spread. Sooner or later, you’ll end up with a terrible toothache and possibly even an abscess. The uncomfortable outcome could strike at a inconvenient time and force you to wind up with a root canal or an extraction.

You do have the right to not crown your tooth when the dentist recommends, but you’ll be better off taking preemptive action and getting the cap.

Dental Veneer

Upper front teeth with stain or a minimal amount of surface damage may qualify for veneers. A veneer is a slim porcelain restoration that only covers the front part of your enamel. It’s a more conservative option if you don’t need to cap your whole tooth.

Inlay or Onlay

Inlays and onlays can also be called partial crowns. They’re made just like dental crowns, but the difference is that they cover only the damaged part of your tooth.

Replace Your Tooth with an Implant

Is there a possibility your new crown could fail? If your tooth is in bad shape as it is, then you might consider skipping the crown altogether in favor of extraction. This is best if you have a plan in place for replacing your tooth with a dental implant.

Ask your dentist about the best restorative option for you.

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