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5 Ways an Implant Will Change Your Life

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A dental implant may sound like a needlessly extravagant tooth replacement option, but it’s more valuable than you may realize.

Here are five surprising ways getting a simple dental implant could change your life for good.

You’ll Speak and Laugh with Confidence

When you’re no longer shy about the gap in your smile, you’ll have every reason to show it off.

Wearing a removable appliance brings along a measure of anxiety in social situations: What if it slips? What if it makes a whistling noise? What if it falls out? You can say goodbye to all of those fears when you have a permanent implant.

You’ll Eat All the Foods You Love

Saying “yes” to an implant means you can say “yes” to steak, tortilla chips, corn-on-the-cob, and other foods that are hard to eat when you’re missing a tooth. You have to be a lot choosier when you have a denture, too.

You’ll Feel and Look Younger Longer

Implants support the bone in your jaw and actually promote new bone growth around them. This means you can avoid the sunken gaps, hollow cheeks, and rolled-in lips that are associated with bone and tooth loss.

You’ll Enjoy a “Normal” Oral Hygiene Routine 

Cleaning an implant is as easy as brushing and flossing your other teeth. You won’t waste any time on brushing or soaking a denture. If you’re busy, dental implants are easy to adjust to.

You’ll Stay Healthier

An implant will help you feel better about yourself overall. When you look younger, eat well, and feel confident, it benefits your overall health. Great oral health is an important part of overall wellness, just as much as exercising regularly and watching your weight.

Ask your dentist if an implant is right for you.

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