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6 Reasons You Should Get a Dental Implant

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Thinking about getting a dental implant?

The idea of getting implants may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but there are some very important reasons that you should consider if you’re thinking of investing in these permanent restorations.

Implants Are Forever

Once an implant is in place, it should stay with you for life. It forms a seal with your bone that securely anchors it to your mouth. Other dental restorations need repairs or even replacement over time.

Implants Are Easy to Care For

Implants don’t require any special care aside from the usual brushing and flossing. It’s like caring for natural teeth.

Implants Preserve Your Bone and Facial Profile

The implant “root” actually stimulates bone growth in your jaw, fusing it in place. This keeps your smile from looking sunken or collapsed around the missing tooth.

An Implant Can Boost Your Confidence

Because implants are so secure and natural-looking, you’ll never have to worry about others noticing your false tooth. Dentures carry the risk of feeling bulky or slipping. Even dental bridges can develop gaps under them when the gums and bone sink away, revealing that you have a false tooth. But implants are designed to function for years.

Implants Help You Eat Better

You won’t enjoy a salad very much if you’re missing teeth or have a loose denture. An implant can help you chew a variety of healthful and tasty foods and enjoy better health overall.

Implants Are Kind to Your Natural Teeth

Replacing a missing tooth with a bridge or partial denture may be cheaper than an implant. But these options can take a toll on your remaining healthy teeth. Implants don’t rely on any other teeth for support, allowing you to preserve the rest of your natural smile.

Ask an implant dentist near you whether dental implants are right for you.

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