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How to Afford a Dental Implant

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t’s no secret that dental implants are an investment. But you can still manage to afford one of these high-quality restorations with one or more of the following methods.

Split the Cost

Do you need an implant for every missing tooth? Ask your dentist if you can cut the cost in half by using two implants to support a bridge or denture.

Spread it Out

If getting an implant is important to you, then you’ll find ways to stick to a budget and tuck something away each week. The dental implant takes several months from start to finish, with different phases and fees during the process. You may need to make a down payment initially, but you’ll still have some time left to save up for the rest.

Health Insurance

Implants serve a functional purpose, preserving jaw bone and helping you eat a nutritious diet. It’s usually the best option for your health overall, so there’s a possibility your health or dental insurance plan will cover some of the cost, as with other types of restorative procedures and oral surgery.

Financing Plan

Your dentist or implant specialist may have a plan that allows you to pay off your implant procedure that easily fits your monthly budget.

Shop Outside Your Hometown

Dental implant prices factor in the costs to keep the dental office running. These overhead expenses depend on the practice’s geographic location. An office situated in an expensive urban setting will have to charge more for their implants. To pay less, you might consider visiting an implant practice located in a quieter town with a lower cost of living.

Ask your dentist about other ways to get an affordable dental implant.

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