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Bone Grafting and Sinus Lifts for Implant Patients

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Lots of people are told that they aren’t candidates for dental implants, but they really don’t know why. It almost seems like it’s luck of the draw, until they find an implant dentist that explains it’s not that they aren’t a candidate – it’s that other types of preoperative therapies may be needed to support the success of the treatment. To be specific – they may need bone grafting or even a sinus lift to create a healthy, secure base for the placement of a dental implant root.

What is bone grafting?

Bone grafting is a procedure that uses a piece of donor bone that is placed in an area where there is not enough healthy bone structure to support an implant. This grafting process also encourages new bone growth in the jaw around it. Once full bone growth has occurred, the dental implant can be placed. Bone may be used from the patient’s own body, animal, synthetic, or donor. 

What is a sinus lift?

Let’s say you need to replace an upper tooth with an implant, but the previous tooth has been missing so long that the sinus cavity has dropped into the area, eliminating necessary space for an implant root. If the implant was placed through the sinus wall, infection would occur. A sinus lift is when the floor of the sinus is raised back into the appropriate position, so that the implant root can safely be installed.  

If another dentist has told you that you’re not a candidate for dental implants, you should get a second opinion. It might not be that you aren’t a candidate – it might be that the dentist doesn’t offer the supportive services that you need for the implant to be placed.

Posted on behalf of Randy Muccioli


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